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League of Legends Saturday Night Series '21 - League of Legends Tournament Rules


Laurier eSports Live Leagues and Tournaments are recreational events focused primarily on connecting Laurier Students and Community with a shared interest in gaming.

Prizes will be awarded to the top players.

Champions   $50 Gift Cards per player

Finalists        $25 Gift Cards per player


Player Expectations

All players must read and agree to abide by the policies and expectations detailed in the  Laurier eSports Live Player’s Handbook.

The Laurier eSports Live Player’s Handbook includes:

  • Rights and Responsibilities of Captains and players

  • Team Name & Uniform Policies

  • Infractions & Penalties including, but not limited to:

    • Forfeits & Defaults

    • Player eligibility

    • Abuse of Administrator

    • Inappropriate Language or Conduct

    • Smurfing


Players are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and contribute to the development of an inclusive Laurier eSports Live community. Any player found to be engaging in the following will be reviewed for disciplinary action and escalated for review as required.

  1. Express themself in an offensive manner about other players or their actions in the game, regardless of whether they are opponents or team-mates.

  2. Use language, nicknames or other expressions that insult another player’s gender, gender identity, origin, physical ability, sexual orientation, religion or age.

  3. Use language or actions that refer to sexual violence or other violence.

  4. Act in a threatening or violent manner.

  5. Cheat.


Withdrawals and Refunds 

Players may withdraw from a league or tournament prior to the registration deadline and receive a full refund by sending an email request to

Players withdrawing after the first matches are posted will not be eligible for a refund.

Leagues or tournaments that do not receive them minimum number of registrants to operate will be cancelled. All registered players will automatically be issued a full refund




Notifications & Communication

Players must have a PC, Internet Connection and League of Legends Game.

All registered players will receive confirmation and league details to the email address provided during registration.

All communication after league play begins will be completed on the Laurier Esports Live Discord. Please familiarize yourself with the Laurier platform and your applicable channels.

Captains must submit complete roster with Names and Discord Id (including #). 



Captains add each other

The tournament schedule will be displayed on

The players Gamertag and Discord ID team are displayed when you click on the team name.

Captains are responsible for ensuring all team members have been added to the roster at

Please add all players you are matched up to play on your console.



All round robin matches will be 1 game. Results of the game will count towards the overall standings.

Playoff matches will be a best of 1; the finals will be a best 2 of 3





Before the match

Players are encouraged to be online and ready 15 min prior to start time. 

Teams will forfeit games if they are not ready to play, with at least 4 players ready to draft, 10 minutes after the agreed upon game start time. 




  1. The home team must make a tournament draft lobby within the client

  2. Players line up in LCS order: Top laner first, jungler second, mid laner third, adc fourth, support fifth. This allows the opposing team to see who is playing which position and target their bans accordingly. Players are allowed to lane swap once the game begins, however every player must line up in their designated role at the beginning of the match. If a team tries to confuse their opponents by lining up out of proper order and claim lane swapping, the opponent should report the details to the League Moderator. If the team is determined to have been lane swapping the team will forfeit the match and the opponents will get a win recorded as a score of 10-0

  3. New/reworked champions are disabled from Laurier eSports Live Tournaments until they have been playable in LoL for at least one week. If a new/reworked champion is released with less than a week before playoffs, they are disabled for the entirety of playoffs. Where timelines are not clear defer to LCS rules.

  4. Home team selects first. 

  5. Players must select the champion they will be playing to allow opponents to plan runes accordingly.

  6. If a player accidentally selects the incorrect player they MUST indicate this in the client lobby chat prior to the teams next selection.

Teams must always keep an eye on the client lobby chat. It is best to designate one player on the team to look at the chat the entire time.

Example of a mistake: Team 1 means to draft Lux, but they run out of time and auto picks Garen. In this scenario, tell the other team that Garen is actually Lux.


Game Settings

League of Legends Game Play

  • Games will be played on Summoner’s Rift

  • Custom Tournament Draft Mode

Notable Rulings:

  • Each team plays with 5 players.

    • Team may play short one player to avoid a forfeit in the event a player fails to login for the scheduled game

  • Players are encouraged to keep communication on - Discord, League Voice. Players may not mute one another. 


    • If a disconnection prevents a player from starting a map or occurs in the first minute of play in a game, the team will have a 10 minute grace period to get all players reconnected and restart the game.

    • If a player is experiencing issues within the game such as lagging or disconnecting, their team can pause the game ONLY after confirming there is no combat. It is the responsibility of the team pausing to look around the map to make sure no players are currently fighting, players about to be killed (ganked) or any movement or actions that are likely to be leading to a fight or kill. Players must let all fights and movement be completed prior to pausing.

On Stream

  • Each team has up to 10 minutes of pause time per game. 

  • There is a 20 minute Pause Time cap.

  • If a team allows their opponent to remain paused past 10 minutes, the extra time will be deducted from that team’s pause time.

 Example: Team A has disconnection issues and uses their 10 minutes. Team B allows the game to remain paused and the game resumes after 14 total minutes of pause. Team A has 0 pause minutes remaining. Team B has 6 minutes remaining. Once 20 minutes of total pause time has been taken the teams must play on. If after 10 minutes of Team A pause time Team B wants to resume play, Team A must resume play.

Off Stream 

  • Each team has 10 minutes of pause time. 

  • There is no automatic 20 minute Pause Time cap.

  • A team may choose all their opponent to take more than 10 minutes of pause time however, this is discouraged to avoid excessively long games and potential disputes.

Pause/Unpause Game

  • Game must be in Tournament Draft Mode

  • Type /pause OR /unpause into chat

  • Streaming/recording matches and/or taking a screenshot of final scores is recommended to support any complaints or disputes.


Connection issues disrupting play

A team experiencing connection issues or lagging that disrupts play:

  • May replace the player with a substitute - see Substitutions section above.

  • Will lose the map if they are unable to resume play within 15 minutes. The 15 minute forfeit time will apply to all subsequent maps.

  • Captains may agree to reschedule regular season games. Remember to notify the moderator.


Reporting Scores

It is the responsibility of the winning team to post the score to discord

We recommend notifying the moderator on Discord of the posted score and/or to report any disputes or errors in the scores at 



Top 4 Teams in the regular season standings will qualify for elimination playoffs. 

Tie Breaks will be determined by:

  1. The team with the least forfeits during the regular season.

  2. Head to Head

  3. Coin Toss


All settings and rulings from regular season play apply